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As I sit here writing out addresses for our book promotion, I’m thinking about how grateful I am for the technology that allows us to connect to each other.  When I first entered this community, facebook was in it’s infancy, there was very little information to be found online, and even less in our local communities.  Needless to say, I was elated to be able to connect to a handful of food allergy support group leaders from across the country.  We muddled our way through running our support groups, advocating for our children and addressing the needs of those with food allergy at a wider level.  They were my mentors, my colleagues, and my friends.
As this population has grown and the use of social media has skyrocketed, and I’ve been honored to connect with not just a handful but thousands of people.  These include not only food allergy parents, but doctors, researchers, non-profits and businesses.  This movement would not be the same without these connections.  I’ve seen firsthand how we help each other to grow.  Researcher, businesses, doctors and non-profits learn as much from us as we do from them.  And together we are making the world safer, more inclusive and healthier for our children.
So today I am giving thanks.  I cannot imagine this food allergy journey without the support of people from all across the country and all across the world.
So much has already been gained from only a decade ago. I’m am full of hope for the future of our children.  There will be effective treatments and there will be a cure because today we have the power of each other, of thousands of voices,  and millions of loved ones behind us!
Happy Food Allergy Action Month!

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