We offer the following services:


Risk Assessments
Expert Written Reports
One-on-one consulting
Group Workshops & Training
Individual 504 Plan Advice

Guest Speaking
Professional Development
Policy Development & Facilitation

Food Allergy Consulting - Families


We offer one-on-one consultation to help families with allergies create safe environments for their children. We also specialize in 504 consulting, and can help you obtain a 504 for your child at their school.

Food Allergy Consulting - Schools


We work with schools to implement evidence-based best practices on how to make your school safe and inclusive for children with food allergies while also balancing the needs of other students.

Food Allergy Consulting - Businesses


Your business has unique needs when it comes to addressing employees and customers with food allergies. We will assess your current practices and provide recommendations.

Food Allergy Consulting - Coaches

Activity Leaders

As an activity leader, you are responsible for the safety of the individuals you are overseeing during the time you are with them. We work with coaches, religious groups, girl scout leaders, and all other organizations to create a safe and inclusive environment.

Food Allergy Consulting - Communities


Are you looking to make a change in your community to better improve the safety of those with food allergies? Using our fact-based approach to food allergy management, we can help you work with town officials to do just that.

Food Allergy Consulting - Court Rooms

Court Rooms

We offer expert witness and consultation services in the specialized area of food allergies in the school setting. Gina served as expert witness in the landmark Iowa food allergy case, Knudsen v. Tiger Tots Community Child Care Center Corporation.