Back To School Resources

I am so happy to see the wealth of information and resources provided this year for back to school.  Just a few short years ago it was difficult to find any information targeted to schools so many of us began to create them ourselves.  Our children spend the bulk of their waking hours in school so it is gratifying to see an importance placed on making sure our schools are safe and healthy places for all children to learn and grow.

Below, I’ve highlighted some of my favorites.  Of course, you can always find the best resources from around the country at any time by looking under the “For School” tab on my website. I continually update this with best resources for your use.  I only add resources that I have personally vetted and that are from trusted sites.


KFA List of Non-food Rewards:  As far as we have come, food in the classroom is still an issue for many students with food allergies to navigate.  I firmly believe (as is stated and supported by the CDC guidelines) that our classrooms should be allergen-free and rewards and celebrations can be just as fun without food.  My favorite KFA resource is the list of non-food rewards that I was happy to create for this awesome organization and for you! Please download it and share it with your child’s school.

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Additional KFA information and resources for school can found here.

FARE’s Back to School Headquarters is easy to use and navigate.  I’ve always been a huge of the BE A P.A.L. program to help teach children about food allergies, but there is plenty more to see here.

FARE Back to School Headquarters

ALLERGY HOME: This website is a favorite of mine created by Dr. Pistiner and Dr. Lee.  Dr. Pistiner was one the first doctors to really to speak out and educate others about the challenges of food allergy management at schools.  His voice lent credibility and validity to the concerns of parents. The website is full of great resources from my personal favorite, the staff training module, to awareness posters using pop culture to appeal to children and adults alike. Be sure to check it out.

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ALLERGIC LIVING:  With their newly revamped website, it is even easier to find helpful information. I love to search the “Parenting & School” articles as well as the “Posters“.  There is even a poster that can be customized with your child’s image.

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Disclosure: I have worked with all of the above organizations and/or businesses.  However, I chose to do so because I have respect for the work that they do.  My recommendations are not based on any relationships to the organizations, past or present.  I was not compensated to write this and do not accept compensation in return for my endorsement.