By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. Auvi-Q has just announced that it will return on Valentine’s Day and it could not come soon enough for our family.   They are also announcing the that there will be no–I repeat no–out-of-pocket expenses for the consumer with their Auvi-Q AffordAbility Program (which includes a direct delivery service). Just this morning.. read more →

This past weekend at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Conference (AAAAI), exciting findings from Clinical Trials of the Viaskin Peanut (Phase II) & Milk (Phase I/II) Patch were shared. I was honored to speak with Dr. Hugh Sampson, Chief Scientific Officer of DBV (the biopharmaceutical company behind Viaskin)  the week before the.. read more →

When I first heard about the Allergy Amulet, I have to admit I had concerns about it.  I thought the purpose of the amulet was to use it as the sole means to ensure a food is safe. I shared this concern with it’s inventor, Abigail Barnes, at a food allergy event.  Not only was.. read more →

  Typically when I post about antihistamines, it’s a warning that they are NOT effective for treating anaphylaxis.  But did you know, that many antihistamines on the market are actually considered potentially dangerous? Yet many people use these antihistamines to treat environmental allergies, Oral Allergy Syndrome and other conditions. This information took me by surprise.. read more →

  I am so excited to finally share with you the announcement of the Community Food Allergy Conference.  Lisa Giuriceo (Food Allergy Advocate and Support Group Leader), Laurel Francoeur (Lawyer and Food Allergy Advocate), and I have teamed up to provide a fantastic line-up of speakers for this first in a series of conferences to.. read more →

Do you want a cure for food allergies now?  The founders of E.A.T. (End Allergies Together) not only want a cure but they are taking action to find one.  E.A.T. is a new, national non-profit.  As soon as I heard about them, I contacted them to find out more and to ask some hard questions… read more →

  This past February I was honored to be a speaker at a training session for support group leaders in London.   I learned  a great deal about the commonalities as well as the differences in the ways we approach food allergy management.  While in the UK, I met some amazing “mums” as well as wonderful.. read more →

01 Mar 2015
March 1, 2015

Do You Know Your EPI?


By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. As part of our Beyond Awareness Food Allergy Educational Campaign for 2015, this month we are focusing on knowing how to use your epinephrine auto-injector.  This month’s campaign is hosted by friend and fellow food allergy advocate, Sharon Wong of NutFreeWok.  Her blog post is an excellent read and.. read more →

By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed.   “What are you doing?”  My husband asked incredulously.   My eyes had been glued to my phone intermittently for hours over the weekend. “Following the AAAAI Conference.” “What is that?” “The American Academy of Asthma Allergy and Immunology Annual Conference.  I follow it every year to stay up.. read more →

29 Jan 2015
January 29, 2015

#WhereIsYourEpi Campaign Updates


By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. I am a firm believer that when we work together towards common goals, great things can be achieved.  There is much work to be done in the food allergy community and it is going to take the hands and hearts of many to accomplish it. In keeping with the theme.. read more →