09 Dec 2015
December 9, 2015

Educational Rights PSA

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Recently, I was sent this PSA created by high school students in an after-school program at the Co-Operative Arts Magnet School in New Haven.  They created it upon request of an Education Working Group in the state of CT.  The working group supplied all the legal information but the resulting PSA is entirely their creation. .. read more →

Image of College of the Holy Cross, a participant in the FARE pilot program.  (Image from news.holycross.edu) Choosing the right college is an exciting and sometimes difficult prospect for any young adult.  For those managing food allergies, it can especially challenging.  Finding a college prepared and willing to accommodate food allergies can be just as.. read more →

05 Jan 2015
January 5, 2015

Advocacy Toolkit

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    I am so excited to share this excellent resource from the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America.  This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart as a food allergy consultant.  At the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference last September, I was honored to speak about advocacy with Caroline Moassessi, Laurel.. read more →

13 Nov 2014
November 13, 2014

Heading to Wisconsin!!

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I am already packed and ready to go!  I am really looking forward to being part of this awesome conference spearheaded by Jenny Schumach of Food Allergy Association of Wisconsin and sponsored by Food Allergy Research and Education.  It is a full day conference jam-packed with fabulous information and best of all, it’s FREE!  .. read more →

    I am so excited about the great resources developed this month for the food allergy community. Below are my Top 3. The first is a tip sheet I was honored to create for Kids with Food Allergies, “Tips to Safely Celebrate Halloween.”  It is a 2-page handout for both home and school and.. read more →

Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. FoodAllergyConsulting.com This weekend, I was honored to be one of five speakers to present to a SOLD OUT audience in Saddle Brook, NJ hosted by the Asthma and Allergy Support Group of North Jersey.  It was wonderful to see friends old and new.   As promised, I am providing a list of.. read more →

By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. FoodAllergyConsulting.com It Yesterday, Food Allergy Research and Education released “Creating a Food Allergy Safety Zone At Home” and I jumped for joy but not for the reasons you would expect.  While I think this is a fantastic resource for the newly diagnosed, I believe it should be used to reach.. read more →

By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. (FoodAllergyConsulting.com) One of the most important (and often the most challenging) aspects of food allergy management is learning how to read a label for allergens.   In my role as a consultant, I’m often asked, “How do you read a label?”   I’m excited to finally be able to share with.. read more →

By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. Food Allergy Educator & Consultant FoodAllergyConsulting.com     One of the most important skills in managing food allergies is the ability to identify an allergic reaction.  Early identification is critical.  I am sharing this FREE poster with you in hopes that you will download it and use it.  The information.. read more →

By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. www.FoodAllergyConsulting.com   The view from Ronald Reagan International Airport.  Unfortunately, it’s the only sightseeing I was able to fit in.   Last week, Laurel Francoeur and I traveled to Washington D.C. to present a webinar from Food Allergy Research & Education , Food Allergies in the Early Care Setting.  .. read more →