By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. Auvi-Q has just announced that it will return on Valentine’s Day and it could not come soon enough for our family.   They are also announcing the that there will be no–I repeat no–out-of-pocket expenses for the consumer with their Auvi-Q AffordAbility Program (which includes a direct delivery service). Just this morning.. read more →

As I sit here writing out addresses for our book promotion, I’m thinking about how grateful I am for the technology that allows us to connect to each other.  When I first entered this community, facebook was in it’s infancy, there was very little information to be found online, and even less in our local.. read more →

When I first heard about the Allergy Amulet, I have to admit I had concerns about it.  I thought the purpose of the amulet was to use it as the sole means to ensure a food is safe. I shared this concern with it’s inventor, Abigail Barnes, at a food allergy event.  Not only was.. read more →

09 Dec 2015
December 9, 2015

Educational Rights PSA

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Recently, I was sent this PSA created by high school students in an after-school program at the Co-Operative Arts Magnet School in New Haven.  They created it upon request of an Education Working Group in the state of CT.  The working group supplied all the legal information but the resulting PSA is entirely their creation. .. read more →

23 Nov 2015
November 23, 2015

Is Food Really Love?*


  Someone recently said to me, “Food is love.  Love is food.” And my response was, “I love food, but I love people more.” I’m of Italian heritage.  If you are Italian, you know this means that food is central to all gatherings.  I have fond memories of visiting my Nana and having her give.. read more →

19 Sep 2015
September 19, 2015

Thank You Sanofi!


We are so excited about our Community Food Allergy Conference this weekend!  We would to thank the speakers that so graciously share their expertise and experience for the benefit of those with food allergies.  This includes:  Dr. Scott Sicherer, Paul Antico, Colette Martin, Lisa Apa and Ally Morgenthal.  We’d also like to thank all those.. read more →

17 Sep 2015
September 17, 2015

Speaker Spotlight: Paul Antico


  We are so honored to have you speak at the Community Food Allergy Conference. I have seen you speak at many conferences including your own Allergy Eats conference.  What inspires you to speak out? Having lived the food allergy life for 15 or so years now, and being closer to the whole community over.. read more →

14 Sep 2015
September 14, 2015

Speaker Spotlight: Colette Martin

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  We are so honored to have you speak at the Community Food Allergy Conference. I have seen you speak and provide cooking demonstration in many settings from private homes to large conferences.  What is your inspiration to do this? When my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies at age ten, I had no idea.. read more →

  I am a big fan of Dr. David Stukus.  I follow him on twitter and have been known to ask him, directly, his thoughts on new research or recent headlines.   He is a great source of reliable information regarding managing food allergies and asthma.   But what makes him so great, is not only.. read more →

  I am so excited to finally share with you the announcement of the Community Food Allergy Conference.  Lisa Giuriceo (Food Allergy Advocate and Support Group Leader), Laurel Francoeur (Lawyer and Food Allergy Advocate), and I have teamed up to provide a fantastic line-up of speakers for this first in a series of conferences to.. read more →