By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. My daughter turned to me, in her little 9-year-old voice, that is a bittersweet reminder of how she has had to grow up way too fast, and asked, “Am I ok, Mom?” She was bracing herself for the worst. I had brought her to the restaurant bathroom to check on.. read more →

A mom of one of my daughter’s buddies sent me a link to the Upworthy story about this bear.  Developed by the company Sproutel, Jerry the Bear helps children feel supported while also teaching critical food allergy management skills.  (He initially was created to help children with Type 1 Diabetes.)   He interacts with the child.. read more →

09 Dec 2015
December 9, 2015

Educational Rights PSA

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Recently, I was sent this PSA created by high school students in an after-school program at the Co-Operative Arts Magnet School in New Haven.  They created it upon request of an Education Working Group in the state of CT.  The working group supplied all the legal information but the resulting PSA is entirely their creation. .. read more →

Now through December 8th, in celebration of the launch of the Mennett Lee Food Allergy Consulting Book List, I am partnering with some of my favorite authors to provide you with free copies of their books.  All of these books had to meet the stringent criteria for inclusion on the book list.   Today, thanks.. read more →

23 Nov 2015
November 23, 2015

Is Food Really Love?*


  Someone recently said to me, “Food is love.  Love is food.” And my response was, “I love food, but I love people more.” I’m of Italian heritage.  If you are Italian, you know this means that food is central to all gatherings.  I have fond memories of visiting my Nana and having her give.. read more →

  I remember when I was in college, a professor of mine gave us all a copy of the poem, “Children Learn What They Live.”  I saved it and read from time to time as a reminder of why I wanted to be a teacher. I still believe in the ideals in the poem.  I.. read more →

I am blessed to know a lot of great people in our community.  We speak on a regular basis and have great conversations.  I thought it would be fun to let all of my readers in on some of these chats.  So I started something new, it’s called Food Allergy Chat with yours truly on.. read more →

07 May 2015
May 7, 2015

Safe From Anxiety


I am so excited to have Jeanne Herzog, PhD write a guest blog post for  I first met Jeanne when we were both speakers at a conference in Wisconsin.  She spoke about the emotional impact of food allergies on children.  It was a wonderful presentation and her kind, warm demeanor made me immediately like.. read more →