It’s 6:00 am. I should be hopping in the shower before work but my head is throbbing and I feel awful. I check my temperature and sure enough, I have fever. This means I’m going to have to call in sick. Ugh! Teachers hate to call in sick. It usually means lessons need to be.. read more →

By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. Hopefully, if you have been reading my work, you know that I stress the importance of an individual written plan for each child with a food allergy.  The importance of an individual plan is echoed in the CDC guidelines.   These plans should address strategies to prevent a reaction as.. read more →

I was honored to speak at this year’s Food Allergy Bloggers Conference held at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas.  Last year was it’s inaugural year and there was so much buzz about it that I entered this year with very high expectations.  Not only would I be able to meet, in person, people.. read more →

By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. Many schools and childcare centers are wrestling with this very question.  But the answer could be closer than one might expect.  Rules and expectations are a regular part of the school setting.  We just need to apply them to this specific concern. Here is an example. Many schools have programs.. read more →