By Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed.

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Auvi-Q has just announced that it will return on Valentine’s Day and it could not come soon enough for our family.   They are also announcing the that there will be no–I repeat no–out-of-pocket expenses for the consumer with their Auvi-Q AffordAbility Program (which includes a direct delivery service).

Just this morning my daughter was complaining that she couldn’t wear her new Ivory Ella t-shirt because her Epipen carrier was too obvious under her shirt.  As a middle-schooler with a petite body, I have to admit that her auto-injector belt containing 2 pens is bulky and noticeable.  She knows how important it is to carry her auto-injectors so she just deals with it but it’s not fun.  We were quick adopters of the Auvi-Q when it first came to market and were heart-broken when it left.  Even though we are grateful to Epipen (I have used it several times for my daughter and it was life-saving.), we will move to Auvi-Q when it returns to market.

Here are our reasons why:

  1.  Size: As stated above, it is much more convenient to carry 2 auto-injectors.
  2.  Design:  The design is superior in my opinion.  The fact that it is voice-guided gives me peace of mind when I am away from my daughter.  I know that others will be able to step in and use the device correctly.  There is plenty of data to back this up.
  3. Fear Factor:  The needle quickly injects the epinephrine and then retracts.  This fact helps those that are afraid of needles or of injecting someone.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 12.32.57 PM For more information, please see  Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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