Here is what the people we have worked with had to say:


Iam writing this recommendation for Gina as a food allergy educator and consultant with great confidence in her abilities and knowledge of this very important topic for our young children. Gina has helped the Branford Board of Education to finally, after three long years, adopt an improved school allergy policy with the majority of the ideas coming from Gina. Gina spear-headed this effort consistently informing the board on why it needs to be done for the health of our children and kept the board on task to get it done. Gina has helped the Board get a better understanding of the seriousness of this issue not just in the classrooms, but also to make sure the staff is trained to handle an allergic reaction and the practical everyday management of this life-threatening medical condition within our schools. Due to Gina’s efforts the board has incorporated some extra safety precautions in our school cafes and part of the bidding process for the upcoming bus contract, bus drivers will be properly trained to handle allergic reactions. Gina is also the President & Founder of the Food Allergy Education Network which spreads out the message to keep families involved and informed. Gina would be an asset to any firm and/or family that needs to address Food Allergy Management.

Michael A. Krause, Branford, CT Board of Education Chair, Business Owner


Over the years, I have crossed paths with Gina within the food allergy advocacy and education world.  There a threshold that one moves through that changes a person from Food Allergy Mom–who advocates and educates on her family’s behalf– to Food Allergy Advocate–who educates the community or masses.  Gina is a very intelligent and seasoned  Food Allergy Advocate who not only understand understands the various aspects of managing this invisible life threatening disease, but is gifted in teaching others how manage.  Her leadership skills and professionalism have always kept Gina highly respected and successful.  To be honest, when I have a serious question or issue, Gina is the person I would pick up the phone to call so that I could explore my options with a very knowledgeable advocate.

Caroline Moassessi, Food Allergy Educator, Advocate & Blogger, gratefulfoodie.com


Gina is a passionate food allergy advocate who is truly making a difference in her community. I worked with her in putting together an allergy awareness fundraising concert in May of 2013. The event helped educate people about food allergies and celebrated the allergy awareness gains throughout her community through awards and acknowledgements. She is a tireless advocate who knows how to bring people together and work toward, and reach goals. Her vast knowledge about food allergy coupled with her ability to gain public momentum with advocacy issues makes her a true asset to the food allergy community on a national level.

Kyle Dine, Food Allergy Educator & Musician, KyleDine.com

G ina truly understands how to best work with families, schools and communities in order to establish a safe, inclusive environment for all. Her upbeat, efficient style, coupled with experience on the home front, as well as years of advocacy work, make for a winning combination.
Lori Sandler, Owner & Founder of Divvies, Author of the Divvies Bakery Cookbook, Divvies.com

I have known Gina Lee through my association with the Branford Early Childhood Collaborative (BECC) as well as my work on the Branford Board of Education, for approximately 4 years. I have been deeply impressed with Gina’s dedication to providing a safe environment for children who suffer with food allergies. The journey to get the Branford School District to change its policies and regulations regarding food allergies has been a very long one. Gina has spearheaded this operation with dedication and tenacity and with an eye on the long road ahead. She has been very patient with the many hurdles she has encountered along the way. Branford now has a workable set of policies and regulations in place, which should help ensure a safer environment for children with food allergies. Gina is an amazing woman who has enriched our community enormously through her hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Susan Wharfe, Branford Board of Education


G ina Lee is a passionate food allergy advocate who knows how to successfully communicate the needs of food allergic individuals and their families to others. As the Founder of Food Allergy Education Network, Gina has helped many families deal with diagnosis of managing chronic food allergies while they live complete lives.  She has sponsored numerous educational programs and events for families of food allergic children. In 2013, Gina organized a group of National Food Allergy Advocates from around the nation to bring the issue of “Inclusiveness” for students with food allergies to the National Parent Teacher Association. As a result of Gina’s efforts, the National PTA was made aware of the dangers food allergic children face at PTA sponsored events. The National PTA now addresses food allergies and anaphylaxis on their website. I am honored to know Gina and to have worked her with on projects to help educate others about food allergies and anaphylaxis.

Lisa Giuriceo, Facilitator , The Food Allergy and Asthma Support Group of North Jersey
G ina Lee makes it her business to know the intricacies of food allergies and how they relate to educational settings and the community. She is the strongest advocate I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, not only for children but for families. She is immensely knowledgable in an ever changing landscape and focuses like a hawk on fair and thoughtful outcomes.
Robin Comey, Chair, Branford Early Childhood Collaborative



Thank you very much for your contribution to this programme. The participants benefitted greatly from hearing about your experiences and ideas for improving the lives of parents with food allergic children. Your work in Connecticut is really inspiring. We hope that you also took something away from the workshop, and are really grateful to you for making the journey to London to join us.

Robert Boyle, Consultant Pediatric Allergist, Imperial College London



Dear Gina, thank you for advocating for my food-allergic son. Your expertise and knowledge were imperative in gaining the accommodations necessary for maintaining Nicholas’ safety and well-being at school. Your confident presentation of our requests was expertly backed by your compelling explanations of food allergies. You encouraged a positive attitude in each of the team members who attended the meeting.

Gina, you were able to direct the meeting in a captivating way. You had a unique ability to make the reasons behind the requests for accommodations easily understood. At the same time, you balanced the overwhelming severity of anaphylaxis with the individual needs of one child. Your enthusiasm and energy were powered by your experience in educating the community and in advocating for those living with food allergies. I cannot imagine having done this without you.

With kind regards and deep appreciation,

Theresa Colombo